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Welcome to Newburn Surgery

Newburn Surgery has been offering excellent patient-centred health care for over 90 years. Our website is here to help you understand all the services we offer and how to access them. If you are already registered for online services. Access SystmOnline.


Patient Notice 20.9.21



The clinic is now open for this coming Saturday 25th September for over 65 year old patients. We do not have enough vaccines at this stage for every patient in this cohort.

If you have a mobile you will have received a message with a link for you to book your own appointment.

Patients without a mobile are being contacted by post or by telephone.

Don't worry if you do not get an appointment on this clinic as we will be holding further clinics as soon as we have the stock available.

Please try and avoid calling the surgery re your flu vaccine as the phones are already very busy and we would like to help those who need more urgent appointments.


Patient notice 20.9.21

Covid vaccine booster phone calls

If you are over 70 or clinically vulnerable, you may be getting a call from Newcastle GP Services (NGPS) in the coming months to book your Covid vaccine booster appointment. NGPS work with all 31 GP practices in Newcastle and have been in charge of delivering 200,000 Covid vaccines since last December.

They are helping all practices to book patients in for their appointments so if you get a call from an unknown or withheld number, from someone from NGPS, please be assured that this is a genuine service.

The first groups to receive the call will be the most vulnerable and elderly, so please bear with us if you don’t receive a call from NGPS soon.


Patient notice 27.8.21



Notice - To all our Patients


We are aware of the planned move to lifting the remaining COVID restrictions in England from the 19th of July.

Medical settings are a higher risk environment and will need to be subject to more control measures than other public facilities.

At Newburn Surgery we are acting very cautiously and are maintaining:

⬅️➡️ Social distancing

😷😷 Face coverings

😷😷 PPE for healthcare staff


ONLY come to the surgery if you have an appointment.

ONLY 6 patients in the waiting room at any one time.

If you do not wear a mask, we may ask you to wait outside.


The delta variant is much more transmissible, and patients may come to the surgery when they are contagious. This is especially relevant when many of our patients waiting to see a doctor/nurse are vulnerable.


It is our duty to do all we can to keep both our patients and our staff safe whilst we deliver our care.

If we don’t another real risk is that, with increasing isolation numbers, delivery of our services will be affected.


Thank you for supporting us to keep you and our staff safe.


We are Hiring! (posted 30.6.21)

Closing date 18th July 21.

We are looking for an experience Health Care Assistant to join our busy nursing team. 

The position is part time - 16 hrs a week. Salary is dependant on experience.

Please send your CV to



How to get your Covid-19 Vaccination in Newcastle

The full list and information is on Newcastle City councils website:


PATIENT NOTICE  - YOUR DATA - (Updated 25.6.21)

NHS Digital has been collecting data from GPs through its trusted General Practice Extraction Service.  This system is now being replaced with their new General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) service, a broader general-purpose collection which will enable faster access to pseudonymised patient data for planners and researchers.

The data collection will begin on 1st September 2021.


About the General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection

Please watch the video: How the NHS uses your patient data from GP practices to improve health and care

You can read the full information on data and information on NHS Digital

Opting out

If you don’t want your identifiable patient data to be shared for purposes except for your own care, you can opt-out by registering a Type 1 Opt-out or a National Data Opt-out, or both. These opt-outs are different and they are explained in more detail below. Your individual care will not be affected if you opt-out using either option.

Your Choices:

1. Type 1 Opt-out (opting out of NHS Digital collecting your data) (Type 1 opt-out: medical records held at your GP practice)

What to do next.

You need to tell your GP practice if you do not want your confidential patient information held in your GP medical record to be used for purposes other than your individual care. This is commonly called a type 1 opt-out. This opt-out request can only be recorded by your GP practice.

You can ONLY DO THIS by completing the TYPE 1 OPT-OUT FORM

Complete the form and send it to your GP surgery


2. National Data Opt-Out (opting out of NHS Digital sharing your data)

What do do next

National data opt-outs are not recorded at the GP practice and instead you can change your national data opt-out using the online service or by calling our contact centre.

There have been posts on social media with false information about opting out of sharing your data with the NHS.

Here's what you need to know:

  • There is no 30 September deadline for opting out of sharing your data. You can opt out at any time.
  • NHS Digital will never sell your data.
  • There are strict rules about how the NHS can use your data. It's only shared securely and safely.
  • Shared data helps the NHS. It has been used to find the first treatment for coronavirus and for vaccine research.

You can find out more about this and register/change your choices a National Data Opt-out 

 or by calling 0300 3035678.


COVID vaccination appointments - updated 13.5.21

We are requesting patients do not telephone the surgery re Covid Vaccinations.

Newburn Surgery are no longer booking 1st Covid vaccinations and all 2nd vaccinations have been invited.

Appointments for our patients over 38 are requested to now use the National Booking System (NBS).

“You can now book your covid vaccine appointments at Newcastle Eagles on the NHS website at: Book a coronavirus vaccination - NHS (


by calling 119.

Clinics are uploaded weekly and so if you can’t see any available slots, please refresh the site every few days.”

Please do not ring to tell the surgery to tell us no slots are available as there is nothing we can do. Please keep trying and you will see appointments as they are put on from a central team - not Newburn Surgery.

We are sending SMS messages out to those patients who have given us mobile contact with these instructions.


Demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status when travelling abroad

Do not contact your GP surgery about your COVID-19 vaccination status. GPs cannot provide letters showing your COVID-19 vaccination status.

The service will go live from Monday 17 May. Demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status allows you to show others that you’ve had a full course of the COVID-19 vaccine when travelling abroad to some countries or territories. A full course is currently 2 doses of any approved vaccine.

Please go to the Gov.UK website to get all the information you need to get your vaccination status.   


We are Hiring!

Due to staff retirements we are looking for 2 part-time reception/administrators to join our Reception/Admin Team.

This is an interesting and varied dual role within a fast paced environment. You could be working in reception where you will receive all patients and visitors to the practice and handling telephone enquiries such as booking patient appointments, taking orders for medications and calling patients on behalf of GPs. Working on the administration side requires you carry out numerous admin tasks associated with the smooth running of an efficient medical practice.

Whilst full training is given, successful applicants should have experience of working as part of a team in a busy customer facing environment and be able to handle numerous, often complex queries both over the telephone and in person. You should be comfortable working in a fast paced office, able to prioritise work and react quickly to changing situations. You must have an eye for detail, be patient, empathetic, professional and polite and be willing to follow instructions and deliver services in line with Newburn Surgery guidelines and policies. The ability to keep calm under pressure is essential as is the ability to communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing.

Please email to request further details.

The closing date for applications is Monday 24th May. 

You can also find these jobs listed on the NHS jobs website and you can apply directly through there. 


COVID Vaccination  UPDATED 6.5.21

Since the start of the Covid vaccine programme Newburn Surgery have been working in line with our local vaccination centres - the Eagles and Newcastle Racecourse. 

We were organising patient appointments on behalf of patients up until clinics this week but we are no longer able to do this. 

Patients being recalled for a second vaccine having had their first caccine though our invitation will now be send a link to book themselves on the VBS site. Please try and refrain form calling the surgery with general enquiries about covid vaccines, instead use the contact page on the website or our email address. These are monitored throughout the day and you will get  a response.  


Telephoning the Surgery


We would like to thank our patients for bearing with us during these hugely stressful times for everyone. As many of you know, General Practice has seen unprededented demand over the last year or so and this demand continues to increase. This is affecting GP surgerys up and down the country - not just us. It is difficult to fully describe how hard all staff have worked throughout the pandemic. 

The majority of the patients are considerate and kind but for the minor few who take the opportunity to be disrepectful and rude we need patients to understand we will not tolerate this. 

How can patients help us?

  1. Every day we process a lot of telephone calls into the surgery. Especially first thing on a morning. This does not mean we need more staff, it means we need patients to have all the information they need to contact the surgery by all the methods available.
  2. Not every patient who calls the surgery actually needs a same day appointment. If it is not urgent you could try calling later in the day or by any of the other methods available to you.

How can patients contact the surgery?

Go to our appointments page


Primary Care Networks

Newburn Surgery is part of Newcastle Outer West Primary Care Network. More information and updates on our Primary Care Network page.


Social Prescribing

Social prescribing, sometimes referred to as community referral, is a means of enabling GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services. At the Surgery we have access to Ways to Wellness  the social prescribing navigation service and our Primary Care Network Link Worker has a clinic every Thursday afternoon.



Spotlight On CARERS

A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or addiction cannot cope without their support.

At Newburn Surgery we are keen to identify which of our patients are carers. Please go to our Carers page for all the information on how we can help you.

Are you a Carer? Then you might he interested in this video entitled:

An integrated approach to the identification and assessment of carer health and wellbeing:


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Patient Participation Group

Did you know we have a Patient Participation Group?

The purpose of the Patient Participation Group is to help us access and use your ideas for new projects and gaining your views as to how the practice can improve and develop.

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