Response to COVID-19

As the COVID restrictions ease, it is important to remember that the Coronavirus continues to circulate and that the NHS needs to balance the requirement to deliver routine services whilst continuing to protect patients and staff. There is also the risk that there could be another spike in workload, particularly in the autumn when it may not be clear what might be flu or colds and what might be COVID; track and trace could result in the loss of staff workforce with very little notice.

For this reason, the central government message continues to be "TALK BEFORE YOUR WALK". Many problems can be dealt with by phone advice or video consultation. If you do need to be seen, arrangements will be made to see you.

Please remember:

  • Don't come to surgery unless you have an appointment.
  • don't simply go to the A&E or Urgent Care Centres without calling NHS111 or the practice first. The exceptions might be potentially life threatening emergencies such as suspected heart attacks, strokes, breathlessness
  • if you have symptoms that might be COVID19 (new breathless, new continuous cough, temperature above 37.8C or loss of sense of smell or taste) then self isolate and follow the advice on website. If you feel unwell, contact NHS111

We are open to serve our community and have continued to do so throughout the whole pandemic.It is as equally important not to put off contacting us if you have symptoms that you are concerned about, as it is to protect the NHS where conditions could be self managed.


Update for Patients  24.6.20

Our GP’s and staff would like to thank all our patients for being accommodating and accepting of all the changes we have had to rapidly implement over the past months.

At the end of March we moved very swiftly to a total triage model, cancelling most face-to-face appointments and replacing them with the eConsult system, telephone consultations as well as doing video consultations.Our nursing team has also adapted well and although we have continued to see a limited number of patients face-to-face, a lot of the long term condition reviews have been conducted over the telephone or video.

We are now being asked by NHS England and the Government to increase activity at the Practice. Invitations for cervical screening are returning to normal recall, and we’re being encouraged to do as much as we can in the way of routine work now to avoid a big backlog when we hit flu season.

We therefore are encouraging patients to attend the practice for their routine blood tests and health checks, if they receive an invitation. We can reassure you that we’re cleaning all surfaces and equipment throughout the day, wearing appropriate PPE and taking all precautions so that we can to protect both patients and staff. We understand that some patients will be reluctant to come to the practice but the number of patients being seen face to face remains quite low.

Arriving at the Surgery

We are limiting the amount of patients who can sit in the waiting room and we are asking you to remain outside if we are full. We are asking patients to arrive on time for appointments, as if you arrive early you will possibly need to remain outside. We do appreciate that doctors and nurses can run late with appointments and you may have turned up on time but we will always do our best to see you as soon as we can.

From Monday 15th June we have followed guidelines and have been asking all patients to wear a face covering when they attend the Practice. We have installed screening around our reception desk as well, as a further level of protection between our staff and patients.

If you have any queries or concerns, do please contact the Practice.


Update for Patients 7.4.20

Following government advice we are changing our appointment system

  • Anyone who requests an appointment will need to speak to a GP first. This is so the doctor can assess you to decide if you need to come in to the surgery to be seen. You will be given a telephone consultation with the GP who will try and call you as near to that time as possible.
  • We are no longer sending out letters to patients with long term conditions to come in for their review. Instead we will book you into a telephone consultation with the practice nurses who will complete a review with you. If they feel you need to come into the surgery they will book an appointment.
  • We can't do a full review on the telephone and so we will be keeping a waiting list for patients with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD and others who would have had birthday reviews and we will call you in when we are able to.  
  • If you think your problem can be dealt with online please use our e-consult service accessed via our website. This might be good for repeat fit notes/ medication that is not on repeat or if you want to tell us about your health. A doctor will respond to the eConsult by the next day.
  • You can also complete the contact us form on this website.
  • Please do not turn up at the surgery without an appointment, please telephone or email first.
  • Please request medication online or via the NHS app where possible as we are not allowing patients in the surgery to order them. If you have not nominated a pharmacy we will nominate one for you but you vcan change it anytime by letting us know who you would prefer.

We are still available for you, but these measures are being taken to protect vulnerable people and to protect our staff, as well as dealing with increased patient numbers and staff sickness. We understand how worried people are feeling, and we do not want to add to this worry - hopefully these measures will reassure you that we are working hard to stop unnecessary spread of infection whilst still being able to support people who need us.


Use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service if:

  • you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home
  • your condition gets worse
  • your symptoms do not get better after 7 days

Use the 111 coronavirus service 


For region specific coronavirus information and advice in:
England visit NHS UK coronavirus section

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