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Newburn Surgery

4 Newburn Rd, Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8LX

Tel: 0191 229 0090

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The Practice has a Patient Participation Group which has 2 elements:

  • core group of volunteers which meets 3-4 times a year with Practice staff. In order to maintain informality and open discussion, the group has decided to limit its size to 10-12 people. We would like to recruit new volunteers to this group. If you would like to be involved please complete section 1 of this form  and e mail it to the practice. Terms of Reference for this group.
  • virtual group of patients who are content to give their e mail details to the Practice and be consulted electronically on specific issues from time to time.  There are no limitations on membership of this group which we would like to be as large as possible.  If you are interested in having your voice heard please complete the form in Reception or complete section 2 of this form and e mail it to: All we really need is your e mail address which will be used only for Patient Participation Group consultation.



The minutes of the Newburn Patient Participation Group are here:

Meeting 22 AUG 2019

Meeting 7 FEB 2019 (Word Document)

Updated Jan 2020