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Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescription ordering is available using the following methods:

  • Online using Systmonline (patient online services). This is a quick and easy way to order. If you have not yet registered to do this, please speak to reception staff. Order your prescription now.
  • Use your NHS account: You can signup for your NHS account on their website or you can download the NHS App. You can find out more about your NHS account online.
  • The automated telephone service. By calling the automated telephone line on 0191 2290090. When you place your order via the telephone line, you will be prompted to leave your name and all the medications you need to order. To avoid waste also give the names of any medication you do not require please. Requests by the telephone line are monitored all throughout the day and once your prescription has been actioned you will recieve an SMS message confirming this. Should we have any query when processing your request we will call you. 
  • By hand. By completing the right-hand section of your previous prescription form and leave it at the surgery in the ‘Repeat Prescriptions Box, located on the wall just inside the main entrance.



All prescriptions must be authorised and signed by a doctor, clinical pharmacist or the advanced nurse practitioner. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not run out of medication. 


Repeat Dispensing Scheme

What is repeat dispensing?

This is a way you can get your medicines without asking a doctor for a prescription each time. 

Do I have to use the same pharmacy each time.?

Yes, you need to give us the name of the pharmacy you will always use. 

How does repeat dispensing work?

  • Your doctor will sign a repeat dispensing prescription. This will authorise the pharmacy to issue up to 12 one-month repeat medications. 
  • Your GP practice will send your repeat dispensing prescriptions to your named pharmacy.
  • Your named pharmacy will supply you with your first month’s medicines. You will also be given a repeat medication card which will list all of your regular medicines.
  • The next month, when you need a new supply of your medicines, you or your representative should take your repeat medication card to your named pharmacy and you will be supplied with your next month’s medicines.
  • Don’t forget that you, or your representative, must sign the back of your repeat dispensing form. If you don’t pay for your prescriptions for any reason other than age, then your pharmacist will need to see proof of exemption.
  • While the repeat dispensing prescription is still active, which can be for up to 12 months, you will not need to go back to the surgery for further supplies of your usual medicines. The pharmacy should normally tell you when you are down to your last prescription so that you have time to order another batch of prescriptions before they run out.  

How do I get repeat dispensing started?

To arrange this, you need to see a doctor for a medication review. If repeat dispensing is possible the doctor will organise this for you.   There is more information in this leaflet.


Medication Reviews

The Practice has a duty of care to ensure that the medications you are taking are still appropriate for you, even if you are under a Consultant at the Hospital. It is important that patients with ongoing medical problems are monitored regularly. If the date for your next review has passed you will be asked to make an appointment for a medication review. Sometimes these can be done by phone and will be carried out by either a doctor, a clinical pharmacist or a nurse practitioner. 


Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from.

What does this mean for you?

If you collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP you will not have to visit your GP practice to pick up your paper prescription. Instead, your GP will send it electronically to the named pharmacy you choose, saving you time.

You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because they can be collected from a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop.

You may not have to wait as long at the pharmacy as there will be time for your repeat prescriptions to be ready before you arrive.

We are working towards as many of the prescriptions as possible to go direct to the pharmacy to prevent printing paper and to manage reception work load.  


Updated May 2022