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Newburn Surgery

4 Newburn Rd, Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8LX

Tel: 0191 229 0090

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We have an open list and welcome requests for registration from patients living in or moving to the practice area. We look after patients who live in Newburn, Throckley, Walbottle , North Walbottle, West Denton, Chapel House, Chapel Park, Lemington and  across the Tyne to cover the Stella Riverside housing development.

We also have an Outer Boundary which allows patients to move a short distance outside of the agreed practice area without having to change their GP.

Here is a map of our boundaries is and here is a postcode checker allowing you to check whether you are in our area.

[The area within the black line is the Inner Boundary and in order to register with the Practice you must live within this boundary. The area within the green line is our Outer Boundary and existing patients who live within the Inner Boundary and subsequently move to the Outer Boundary may remain with the practice if they wish] 


How to register at the Surgery

To complete the registration process you can visit the practice and we will give you a registration pack. You can fill this in whilst you are in practice or take it home and return the forms later.  


To speed up the process please complete: 

Step 1

The Online Registration (opens in a new page)

Step 2

All new patients must complete all the relevant forms below to complete the registration process.

Choose from the any of the forms below that are relevant. 

New Patient Registration Form - ADULT

New Patient Registration Form - CHILD

New Patient Registration Form - NEWBORN

There is further information about registering at a GP on the NHS choice site at NHS - GP Registration.


Out of area registration

It is possible to register at the Surgery if you live outside our area on the understanding that the practice will not be able to provide home visits. This is at the discretion of the doctors because if you have medical conditions that may mean you will require home visits in the foreseeable future the doctors may feel that it would be safer for you to be registered within the boundaries of another practice.

You need to consider this carefully because, although the NHS is supposed to have services to provide visits for patients registered out of area, these services may not be straightforward to access.

Generally you should only consider out of area registration if you are confident that you will be able to come to the Surgery when you need to be seen and if you do not have significant medical problems.

The other issue that arises is that the practice tends to have links mainly to local hospitals and services for investigations and it may cause complications if, for example, you want to be referred for tests or hospital treatment closer to home.

There is further information available at NHS - About NHS services - patient- choice- GP- practices.


Treatment of non-patients

We do not normally see patients not registered with the practice.

However, in an emergency, or where friends and relatives from outside the practice area are visiting our own patients, we will make exceptions. In such cases you will be asked to complete a temporary resident form. Details of your treatment will be passed on to your usual doctor.


Updated Feb 2023