Practice services for teenagers

This section of our website is dedicated to our younger patients - teenagers. We try to be as friendly as possible to all younger patients. We do realise that the practice can seem a daunting place to deal with but we are here to help you.


What can I do at my age?

Drawing of male teenagerAged under 16 - you will need a parent or guardian to register you at the surgery but you have the right to a private consultation without anyone else knowing. Others would only be told if there was a serious risk to your personal safety.

Aged 16 and 17 - you can choose your own GP. You have the right to a private consultation with a doctor. You can give your own consent to medical treatment provided you fully understand what is involved. If a doctor decides that you don't fully understand what is involved and the consequences of that decision, your parents can give consent on your behalf. Conversations that you have with us are confidential, which means we do not discuss them with other people. We are happy for you to bring a friend you can trust with you to the consultation to discuss your concerns.

Aged 18 - you are an adult. No one else can find out about you without your permission.


What about my spots?

AcneThere are effective treatments for acne. Make an appointment with a doctor to discuss this. The treatments generally are not a cure but they do improve spots if taken for a few weeks. We can arrange a hospital appointment for more severe cases if not responding to treatments that we prescribe.


What about contraception?

Drawing of young woman with bagsWe offer a full range of contraception. Make an appointment with any doctor or nurse to discuss the options available. Drs Carter and Mattinson provide implants and coils. All consultations about contraception are confidential and no one else is allowed to know. The only exception would be if a doctor felt you were being sexually abused. We are allowed to provide contraception to those under 16 as long as you are able to understand enough about what is involved to make your own decision. We encourage patients under 16 to tell their parents and usually find that that parents are just relieved that their children are taking precautions and being responsible but you have the right to keep this private if you want. We are also part of the c-card scheme supplying free condoms to those registered, further details at Newcastle hospitals c-card scheme.


Sexual infection?

Drawing of young manWe offer checking for sexually transmitted infections and would recommend this if you have any symptoms and also as a routine if you have a new sexual partner. This is confidential. If you were found to have an infection you would be encouraged to inform past or present sexual partners but that would be for you to do. Screening is available just by giving a urine sample. Make an appointment with any doctor or nurse. There is also a confidential service available through the sexual health service at New Croft Newcastle hospitals sexual health clinics and walkin centres.


Mental health?

clipart of confused boyWe know that young people often have mental health problems and that it can be a difficult time of life. There are services available for a variety of problems including drug and alcohol use. If you have concerns, make an appointment with a doctor to discuss this.


I'm pregnant, what next?

Silhouette of womanWhether you want to keep the baby or not or if you are not sure, there are people to help you. Make an appointment to discuss with a doctor or nurse at the surgery. There is a teenage pregnancy advisory service available on Tel: 0191 240 4811. Other sources of advice include Streetwise North and the West End Youth Enquiry Service. Termination of pregnancy can be arranged through doctors at the surgery and there is also a direct line available 24 hours a day on Tel: 0191 282 9300. Further information is available on Newcastle hospitals gynaecology services.


Updated Nov 2019

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